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Atanasova-Pacemska, Tatjana and Timovski, Riste and Atanasova, Ana (2021) Lingua Mathematica. [Project]

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Краток опис на проектот LINGUA MATHEMATICA is EU Erasmus+ project which aims to bring two disciplinaries and two generations together. One of the disciplinaries is English and the other one is Math.
One generation is preschoolers and the other is teenagers.
English and Math are both considered as being one of the most challenging lessons. This project uses emerging digital resources to develop motivational activities for Math learning,
whilst integrated with English lessons. We will teach English vocabulary related with Math subjects. It creates and support learners in comprehending and enjoying these lessons through shared terminology, shared applications and web tools and shared language. By this way students will learn Math and English together. Teenage students will prepare various activities for Math integrated English classes for primary and preschool pupils. And we will apply these activities face to face in the pre-schools.
The project raises awareness of the importance of Math and English across skillsets, across countries and offers a shared practice in using digital resources to communicate across cultures. Rather like a video game, but with real life skills, it encourages learners and tutors form different countries and cultures to work together to enhance their skills and communication.
The project develops key competences in the 21st century skills, providing participants to have the required abilities of the digital era, whilst developing a concurrent mindset in using cross curricular skills to embed learning for new careers and work in the 21st century.

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