Lactic acid bacteria in biological detoxification of mycotoxins in flours and bread

Kovacevik, Biljana and Mitrev, Sasa and Kostadinovic Velickovska, Sanja and Markova Ruzdik, Natalija and Dimovska, Daniela (2022) Lactic acid bacteria in biological detoxification of mycotoxins in flours and bread. In: International symposium "Power of Fungi and Mycotoxins in the Midst of Climate Change“, 16 - 17 Sept 2022, Koprivnica, Croatia.

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Flours and bread are products highly prone to mycotoxin contamination since mycotoxin producing filamentous fungi may contaminate them during all stages of their production. Aflatoxins (AF), fumonisins (FUM), ochratoxin A (OTA), zerealenone (ZEN), deoxynivalenon (DON), ergot, T2, and HT2 are mycotoxins that most commonly occur in this ecological niche. Food outbreaks related to mycotoxin contamination of cereals and their products are well familiar in the past. Their presence in food is related to serious health problems such as cancer and mycotoxicosis. Therefore, mycotoxin free food is of utmost importance for public health. A strong societal demand of less processed, more natural, and safe food imposes the use of biodetoxification as safer and reliable method of the chemical preservation. Numerous studies have shown the potential of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) such as Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus, L. plantarum, L. fermentum, and the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as aflatoxin decontaminating agents. They possess high mycotoxin binding abilities and can be used as part
of the starter cultures in the fermentation of food or as additives in small quantities without compromising the characteristics of the final product. The review summarizes the occurrence of mycotoxins in flours and bread and detoxification activities of lactic acid bacteria (LAB), their mechanisms of mycotoxin detoxification, and the inherent and environmental factors affecting the detoxifying properties of LAB.

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