Genetic model of the Buchim porphyry copper deposit, Republic of Macedonia

Serafimovski, Todor and Cifliganec, Vančo and Boev, Blazo (1996) Genetic model of the Buchim porphyry copper deposit, Republic of Macedonia. Proceedings of the annual meeting, 1 (356). pp. 63-74.

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The paper presents data about geology geochemistry structure and genesis of the Buchim copper which has numerous specific featuros. The basic characteristic in the deposit is the relationship between porphyry mineralization to Tertiary subvolcanic intrusions of latitic and latitic-andesitic composition. Intrusion of these rocks took place in Oligo- Miocene (24 to 27
m.y.) during the period of intensive tectonic-magmatic and mineralization proceasea. Primary copper mineralization Is locatad around magmatic cross-cuts (0.3 % Cu, 0.3 to 0.5 ppm Au). Its development was, preceded by intensive hydrothermal alterations of surrounding rocks.Investigation of processes which resulted in tha occurrence and spatial distributlon of porhyry mineralization in the Buchim deposit was carried out by a goneral genetic model 01 development of are deposita by these complicted hydrothermal porhyritic systems, The genetic model includes origin 01 magma, are metals and hyrothermal solutions, physo- chemical features of solutions. separation 01 components as well as occurronces which followed the formation of ore mineralization. The paper gives new data about isotopic and investigations 01 gas-liquid inclusions, rare elements and elements 01 rare earths, mineral
associations, types of alteration etc.

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