Trace elements in some minerals from Alshar Deposit

Boev, Blazo and Serafimovski, Todor and Milosavljevic, B (1993) Trace elements in some minerals from Alshar Deposit. Geologica Macedonica. pp. 41-43. ISSN O352-1206

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The Alshar mining district is located in the Mountajn Ko~uf in Macedonia. The district has been intensively mined for its antimony, arsenic and thallium resources beginning in about 1860. The bedrock geology of the district is comprised of two distinctive chronostratigraphic sequences:
1.Mesozoic carbonatc and clastic scdiments unconformably overlain by,
2.Tertiary tuffaceous sediments and Pliocene felsic Luffs.
The Alshar deposit is of hydrothermal low temperature origin, genetically associated with thc Pliocene subvolcanic dacite andcsitic intrusive. The age of lhe volcanic activity is about 7 to 5 million years (Boev, 1988).Small bodies of intrusiv • mineralized, porphyrytic subvolcanic rock, intrusive cross both Mesozoic and Tertiary rocks. Several major structural sets (northwest,northeast and northherly dissect and juxtapose the bedrock sequence in a complex contact relationship.
Hydrothermal ore fluids containing large amounts of silica, iron, sulphur, arsenic, antimony. mercury, thallium, barium and gold from silificied replacements, hypogene argillic stratigraphic horizons and disseminated replacements in both Mesozoic and Tertiary rocks are found.
Two main types of mineralization occur:
1. As-Tl-Hg-Sb-Si02 associated with argillic clays and
2. Si02-Sb-Al-Tl-Hg-Au-Ba replacement silifications.
Type 1 is characterized by orpiment. realgar, lorandite, complex thallium minerals, cinabar, minor silica and stibnite. Type 2 consists of microcrystalline quartz, stibnite, iron sulphlde, falcmanite, fizelite, realgar, cinabar, Tl minerals, baryte.

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