Trace Elements in the Soils of Some Regions in the Republic of Macedonia

Boev, Blazo and Lepitkova, Sonja (2005) Trace Elements in the Soils of Some Regions in the Republic of Macedonia. 2nd International Workshop on the UNESCO- IGCP project.

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The paper presents investigations carried out on the presence of rare elements in the soils in the vicinity of Kocani, Probistip (Neokazi, Zletovica), Lakavica (along the River Lakavica course) and in the vicinity of Sveti Nikole. The regions are known for their intense agricultural and other anthropological activities. Understanding the level of soil contamination is of enormous importance for the population in the region . The region is also known for the mining activities that also have an impact on the distribution of some microelements in the soils. Studies carried out by ICP-AES included elements such as AI, Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, Na, K, Ti, Sr, Ba, Ni, Zn, Cu, Pb, Cr, Cd, Co, Y, Li. mo, Se and Ag. Based on the results obtained it can be inferred that there are increased anthropogenic impacts in the regions of Kocani, Zletovica and Lakavica.

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