Comparative analysis of Macedonian and Slovenian crisis management system

Iliev, Andrej and Grizhev, Aleksandar and Hasic, Faruk (2019) Comparative analysis of Macedonian and Slovenian crisis management system. Knowledge International Journal, 34 (5). pp. 1349-1355. ISSN 2545 4429

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In this paper authors are using comparative analysis scientific method for analyzing Macedonian and Slovenian crisis management system. Having in mind that, Republic of Slovenia is a NATO member from
beginning of 2009 year and EU member from 2013 year, Slovenian crisis management system is used as a base model for corrections of Macedonian
crisis management system, with focus on identifying the positive characteristics of Slovenian model for system of crisis management which can be put to practice, portrayed in this thesis as recommendations for improving the Macedonian crisis management system.
Crisis management system on Republic of North Macedonia has a normative and organizational establishment. For uninterrupted functionality on the crisis management system in Republic of North Macedonia constantly are present: suggesting decisions
, consultations, coordination, prompt reactions, effective and adequate use of provided resources and abilities in case of a crisis situation. Slovenian crisis management system basically is consists from following state authorities and institutions: Analytical group, Ministry of defense (national crisis management center, the protection and rescue administration of Republic of Slovenia, which also has protection and rescue forces and reporting center on Republic of Slovenia–Service 112),other ministries and state authorities on Republic of Slovenia. For this comparative analysis, Slovenian crisis management has been chosen, because is similar to Macedonian model in terms of size and structure. Moreover, Slovenian crisis management system
model is designed to manage consequences of possible state of crisis for a certain territory and population which are almost identical to ones on Republic of North Macedonia. This organizational and structural similarity on the crisis management systems on Republic of Slovenia and Republic of North Macedonia are basic prerequisite for a comparative analysis. Obtained results from this comparative analysis can be used as a basis for reforming, upgrading and improving the efficiency and effectiveness on Macedonian crisis management system. Comparative analysis between Macedonian and Slovenian crisis management system gives us data that leads to conclusion that there is a need to take action for improving Macedonian crisis management system through adequate changes of organizational structure on message which will increase its effectiveness, improve its professionalism, economy and for overall improving of crisis management system in terms of prevention department as well as crisis management department. Continued development of Macedonian crisis management system must follow the experiences of NATO and EU members, own practices and available resources (forces and funds for prevention and crisis management).
Keywords: Crisis situation, prevention, alarm, functionality, security

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