Somatic cell count and presence of aflatoxin M1 in raw milk from the farms from Region “Ovče Pole”, Republic of North Macedonia

Kostadinovic Velickovska, Sanja and Arsevski, Zoran and Ilieva, Fidanka and Dimovska, Daniela and Kuzelov, Aco (2021) Somatic cell count and presence of aflatoxin M1 in raw milk from the farms from Region “Ovče Pole”, Republic of North Macedonia. In: 2nd Scientific conference for Critical environmental issues of the Western Balkan Countries, 28-30 Oct 2021, Stip, Republic of North Macedonia.

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Somatic cell count is the common method for determination of raw milk quality. An increased amount of somatic cells results either from an inflammatory process due to the presence of an intramammary infection or, under non-pathological conditions, from physiological processes such as estrus or advanced stage of lactation. Monitoring of somatic cell numbers has been simplified by automated cell counters that allow large numbers of milk samples to be evaluated quickly. Monitoring individual quarters or composite samples from all four quarters provides specific information that is helpful in making treatment and culling decisions. Aflatoxins (AFs) are secondary metabolites produced by Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticus, and Aspergillus nominus fungi under impropriate growing and storage conditions. The AFs consisted of Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, and G2 may contaminate food and feed. Maize grains and other feedstuffs such as corn silage, soybean, and press cakes from oil plants can be commonly contaminated by Aspergillus spp. The object of this study was determination of somatic cell count in 478 samples as well as identification and quantification of aflatoxin M1 in 60 samples of of raw mils from the “Ovče Pole”. The results from this study indicated acceptable count of somatic cells in 95.5 % of the samples from raw milk while in 2 samples of raw milk, the amount of aflatoxin M1 was above limits with highest amount of 0,58 mg/kg raw milk.

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