Ethnography of communication - definitions, theory and literature

Jovanovska, Sashka (2015) Ethnography of communication - definitions, theory and literature. Teacher – Journal of the Faculty of Education – Bitola, 10 (3). pp. 110-116. ISSN 1857- 8888

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This paper examines the concept “Ethnography of Communication” and what it entails. It looks at the evolution of Еthnography of communication - An Introduction (3rd edition) written by Saville-Troike Muriel, the definitions and theories - as an academic discipline and a method of research. This book with its unique approach to the study of language, the discipline proves and establishes that a relationship exists between communication and culture and shows that the culture of a speech community may be perceived via language use in specific communicative acts and social settings. As a subdiscipline of Sociolinguistics, its approach to language study is totally different form linguistic theories/approach such as Structuralism and Transformational Grammar.
Keywords: ethnography, communication, language, culture

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