Lipid profile changes relations to body fat distribution changes determined with dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry during the weight loss

Subeska Stratrova, Slavica and Janikevik Ivanovska, Danijela and Velikj Stefanovska, Vesna (2019) Lipid profile changes relations to body fat distribution changes determined with dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry during the weight loss. In: 23 th International Scientific Conference: Knowledge without borders, 12-15 Dec 2019, Bansko, Bulgaria.

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Obesity and central body fat distribution are known risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic
diseases. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) enables precise, accurate body composition and body fat
distribution assessment and it measures and monitors body composition changes in obese patients undergoing
weight loss. Obesity is associated with dyslipidemic profile. Low HDL-C levels are frequently associated with
raised levels of plasma triglycerides and increased risk of cardiovascular disease and TG/HDL-C ratio may be a
better predictor of insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. LDL-C is one of the major culprits in the
development of atherosclerotic heart disease and reduction of LDL-C levels is the primary target of therapy.
The effect of weight loss on body fat distribution was examined through android, legs and android/legs tissue and fat
mass ratios indexes of central, abdominal obesity determined by DXA and their relationship with lipid profile
changes. The following parameters were determined before and after weight loss: body mass index (BMI), body
weight (BW), android (A) and legs (L) tissue mass (TM) and fat mass (FM), their % with DXA, their ratios, indexes
of abdominal fat distribution A/L-TM and TM% and A/L-FM and FM%, as well as lipid profile: total cholesterol
(C), triglycerides (TG), HDL-C, LDL-C, LDL/HDL-C, C/HDL-C and TG/HDL-C.
BW of 62.96±1.2 kg and BMI value of 28.98±0.78 kg/m2
before the weight loss lowered to 49.96±1.3 kg (p<0.012),
and normal BMI 22.81±0.62 kg/m2
(p<0.012). A-TMf% value decrease from 50.41±1.7% to 29.55±1.34% after
weight loss was significant (p<0.006) and A-FM% 49.92±1.2% decrease to 29.25±1.34% was also highly significant
(p<0.005). A-TM 5.43±0.71 kg and A-FM 2.74±0.71 kg lowered to 3.76±0.25 kg and 1.11±0.12 kg after weight loss
(p<0.05). L-TMf% 50.31±1.7% lowered to 35.2±2.12% (p<0.018) and L-TM 19.69±0.71 kg lowered to 16.15±0.55
kg (p<0.033). L-FM% 48.51±1.14% lowered to 33.8±1.98% (p<0.009) and L-FM 9.89±0.64 kg lowered to
5.68±0.16 kg (p<0.0002). A/L-TMf% value decrease from 1.01±0.07% to 0.84±0.014% and A/L-FM% value
decrease from 1.03±0.04 to 0.87±0.07 were also significant (p<0.05).
TG values decrease from 1.21±0.01 mmol/l to 0.83±0.07 mmol/l was significant (p<0.002) and C values decrease
from 6.5±0.01 mmol/l to 5.43±0.37 mmol/l was also significant (p<0.05). LDL-C values 4.3±0.1 mmol/l lowered to
3.39±0.34 mmol/l (p<0.026) and TG/HDL-C ratio 0.73±0.01 lowered to 0.52±0.03 (p<0.011).
This study showed that A-TMf% and A-FM% lowered highly significantly, indicating significant FM% reduction in
android, abdominal TM. Atherogenic lipids TG, C and LDL-C and atherogenic index TG/HDL-C ratio lowered
significantly. Also, it was confirmed that DXA indexes of central, abdominal obesity A/L-TM% and A/L-FM%
were increased in overweight subjects before the weight loss and lowered highly significantly after the weight loss
and increased A/L TM and A/L FM values lowered to normal values, indicating that normal BMI and BW reached
after the weight loss were associated with normalized body fat distribution, and significant reduction of the
atherogenic lipid profile indicating reduced atherogenic risk.

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