COST Action CA19114, Network for Optimized Astatine labelled Radiopharmaceuticals

Gestin, Jean-François and Aneheim, Emma and Lindegren, Sture and Gaschet, Joelle and Palm, Stig and Chicharo de Freitas, Jose Reinaldo and Niculae, Dana and Janevik-Ivanovska, Emilija and Pruszynski, Marek and Bouziotis, Penelope and Navarro, Laurent and D'Huyvetter, Matthias and Stanković, Aljoša and Rajkovača, Zvezdana and Ingemann Jensen, Andreas and Jensen, Holger and Rösch, Frank and Rösch, Uwe and Tsoukalas, Charalampos and Faraggi, David and Popovtzer, Rachela and De Jong, Marion and Apostolova, Paulina and Henriksen, Gjermund and Mikolajczak, Renata and Rocha Paulo, António and Abrunhosa, Antero and Manda, Gina and Vranjes Djuric, Sanja and Kolenc Peitl, Petra and Corredoira Silva, Eva and Sönmez, Bircan and Cinan, Zehra Merve and Cleeren, Frederik and Milaković, Dragana and Herth, Matthias and Haddad, Ferid and Guerard, Francois and Kraeber-Bodéré, Françoise and Seimbille, Yann and Drakalska, Elena and Darkovska Serafinivska, Marija and Garnuszek, Piotr and Alves, Francisco and D'Onofrio, Alice and Radu, Mihai and Janković, Drina and Mitrovic, Nebojsa and Krošelj, Marko and Luque, Luis Alejo and Garcia-Arguello, Segundo Francisco and Albertsson, Per (2020) COST Action CA19114, Network for Optimized Astatine labelled Radiopharmaceuticals. [Project]

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Cancer is a major health concerns for European citizens. Thus, the main research aim of this Network for Optimized Astatine labeled Radiopharmaceuticals (NOAR) COST Action is to successfully demonstrate that one of the most promising radionuclides for Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT), namely astatine-211, can become the European standard for treatment of certain cancerous pathologies. To this end, an efficient networking is essential among all European stakeholders interested in promoting astatine-211 for medical applications.

NOAR COST Action brings together European and international excellence labs, astatine-211 production centers, hospitals, industry and patient associations from more than 20 countries, thus covering the whole value chain of innovation: production, chemistry, radiochemistry, biology, preclinical and clinical research and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals to patients.

A European web portal will be created containing information for patients, practitioners, researchers, Industry and as a contact point for National and European patient associations.

The idea is to gather forces at the European level in order to implement actions to leverage hurdles to the development of this powerful radionuclide and to identify pathologies in which it will be particularly relevant.

A special emphasis will be given to train a new generation of young researchers and PhD students, promoting interdisciplinary competencies through international and inter-sectoral mobility.

The long-term goal of this project is to make Astatine-211 technology available to all European citizens

Item Type: Project
Additional Information: Successfully demonstrate that astatine-211 Targeted Alpha Therapy can become the European standard for treatment of certain cancerous pathologies. To this end, efficient exchange of knowledge and efficient networking are needed to bring together all European stakeholders and partners outside Europe
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Divisions: Faculty of Medical Science
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