Research of thermo-physiological comfort of single jersey knitted structures with method of thermo-vision analysis

Jordeva, Sonja and Kjortoseva, Sonja and Kaloyanov, Nikola (2012) Research of thermo-physiological comfort of single jersey knitted structures with method of thermo-vision analysis. 4th International Scientific – Professional Conference Textile Science and Economy Proceedings, Zrenjanin.

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The term comfort is defined as “the absence of displeasure or discom¬fort” or “a neutral state compared to the more active state of pleasure”. Cloth¬ing comfort includes three main consid-erations: psychological, sensorial and thermo-physiological comfort. The ther¬mo-physiological comfort, entails both thermoregula¬tion and moisture management. It is known that fiber type, yarn properties, fabric structure, finishing treatments and clothing conditions are the main factors affecting thermo-physiological comfort. In this paper, the influence of structural properties and characteristics of the fiber on the air and water vapor permeability, thermal properties (thermo-physiological comfort), of single jersey knitted fabrics was investigated. Thermal conductivity of knitted fabrics was determined according to new method of thermo-vision analysis developed by researchers. The main advantage of the method is the possibility of non contact determination of the temperature change rate coefficient of the knitted fabric. The results indicate more significant influence of structural characteristics on thermo-physiological comfort, compared with the characteristics of the fibers. Knitted fabric of 50/50%PAN/cotton with the highest density and mass per unit area has lower air and water vapor permeability, thermal conductivity and higher thermal resistance compared with knitted fabrics of 100% wool and 100% PAN.

Key words: single jersey, thermo-physiological comfort, airpermeability, water vapor permeability,thermo-vision analysis

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Engineering and Technology > Materials engineering
Divisions: Faculty of Technology
Depositing User: Sonja Jordeva
Date Deposited: 30 Nov 2012 18:06
Last Modified: 21 Aug 2013 13:08

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