Laparoscopic appendectomy in Clinical hospital-Shtip (2014-2019)

Mitevski, Aleksandar and Markov, Petar and Milev, Ilija and Jankulovski, Nikola (2019) Laparoscopic appendectomy in Clinical hospital-Shtip (2014-2019). Macedonian Medical Review. ISSN 0025-1097

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Introduction. Appendectomy is the most common emer-gency surgeryperformed and appendicitis is a trouble some disease for the surgeon despite numerous advances since its discovery. The first laparoscopic appendectomy was made in 1983 by Samm.Thirty years after the first laparoscopic appendectomy, appendectomy is still per-formed mostly by laparotomy in our country.
Methods. A retrospective study from 01.01.2014 till 01.01.2019 was conducted. Acute appendicitis cases from the registry of the Surgical Department in the Clini-cal Hospital-Shtip were analyzed. We used a standard three-port laparoscopic appendectomytechnique, and for open approach Mc Burnyor Rocky-Davis incision.
Results. In the 5-year-period, 309 patients with appen-dectomies were included in the study, 179 males and 130 females, 58% against42%.
The incidence of acute appendicitis was highest in the age group 16-30 years and in the group 6-15 years.
The smallest number of laparoscopic appendectomies were performed in 2014, 5(8%) ofa total of 59, and the largest number in 2017, 33(46%) of 72. Of the total num-ber of 309 appendectomies in the analyzed period 86 (28%) were laparoscopic.
Conclusion. Laparoscopic appendectomy is the prefe-rred choice in treatment of acute appendicitis. Introdu-ced more than 30 years ago and recommended by endo-scopic associations, only in the last decade laparoscopic appendectomy has emerged as afirst choice. In Mace-donia and in the city of Shtip the percentage of laparo-scopic appendectomies is lower than 50%. The best way to increase this percentage limit of 50% is to encourage surgeons to start with laparoscopic exploration and to include this technique in training the residents.

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