Consequences of imposition of prison sentence on a woman as a perpetrator

Ivanova, Elena (2020) Consequences of imposition of prison sentence on a woman as a perpetrator. Collection of Papers from the International Academic Conference Bratislava Legal Forum 2020 ,Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Law.

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Just as it is extremely important for proper crime understanding, and also crime forecasting, to get into the motives of the ones who are committing the crime, it is no less important to recognize the consequences that follow a person after committing a crime. The threatening consequence is the most common element for initially deterring persons from committing crimes at first place. The consequence, is normally, what follows after the crime has been committed over longer periods of time. The sentence that a person gets convicted of committing a crime is just a small announcement of the big picture that is coming to life, caused by previous criminal activities. The sanction is a social reaction, and it is unrealistic to equate it completely with the consequence. The consequence is much wider than the sanction itself and affects a wider range of persons.
The consequences of committed a crime do not affect both sexes on a same way. Moreover, the prison sentence imposed on women affects them much harder than when it comes to men. Mainly, because of the social role that women have. However, there is insufficient scientific talk about women as perpetrator of crimes. Moreover, a detailed etiological study, for the reasons and consequences of female criminality is almost non-existent, or is one-sided. It is necessary, for proper understanding of criminology in general, to separate the studies for woman as perpetrator from the ones that are done for the main perpetrator (man), and in order to prevent the crime done by a woman – to find the reasons and the consequences that follow a woman when she is faced with the hardest punishment of all – the prison.

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