Women's folk costume, part of the promotion of cultural tourism in the Gevgelija region

Angelkova, Tanja and Kitanov, Vladimir (2020) Women's folk costume, part of the promotion of cultural tourism in the Gevgelija region. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 42.5. pp. 907-913. ISSN 2545-4439

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The cultural tourism in the country has the biggest growth potential in terms of the large number of
cultural and historical heritage and archaeological sites, as well as the growing interest in cultural tourism on the
market. The fortune of the Macedonian spiritual and material culture is paramount, and certainly it is impossible to
be framed in one book, one issue or one track. The red color and the color of the wine are colors of the earth and
fertility, while gold is the color of the gods (the sky), that is why our national costume is red with golden
embroidery/sterling silver. The emergence of ethnological thought precedes the occurrence of specific terminology.
If traced the history of human knowledge, from the view in which we are interested, we can observe that the initial
interests were the exotic, archaic (or as then called primitive) societies. So based on the relationship of cultural life,
tradition is also a processed material in which there are implemented elements and landmarks of Gevgelija and
sustainability and tourism development in the region through tourist valorization of women's clothing with elements
of Gevgelija. As for the anthropogenic motives significant for the development of the tourism, in the region of
Gevgelija, they alone can present a motive for smaller massive touristic movements. But their valorization and
highlights in this region are supposed to be enlarged so that every touristic offer is to be enriched. Every town is best
promoted through presentation of his cultural heritage, because the cultural heritage expresses the identity of the
people, his territory, his history, tradition and civilization. One type of the cultural destination is represented with the
areas in which the indigenous population which was isolated from the rest of the world and for which this type of
tourism at the same time represents an advantage and a problem, is still present. Municipality of Gevgelija is
ethnologically rich area with rich cultural heritage. Today the area of Gevgelija through the village Negorci is
mostly represented in the ethnology. The village Negorci which is in the immediate proximity of Negorski
banji(spa), is familiar with its folk costumes, especially the women's folk dress which features colourful ornaments
and the sterling silver (there's a book for it) and its folk dances, songs, stories, myths and legends.
Keywords: women's folk costume, Gevgelija, tourist destination, cultural tourism

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