The economic sustainability of the catering and tourist facility through the role of the sommelier

Kitanov, Vladimir and Angelkova, Tanja (2020) The economic sustainability of the catering and tourist facility through the role of the sommelier. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 42.1. pp. 71-75. ISSN 2545-4439

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Very few people in Macedonia know who the sommelier is and what he does. Most of those who have
heard of this profession associate it with a grower, more precisely with a person who pours wine in a restaurant. This
is partly true because it is only one of the sommelier's duties. In addition to simply opening bottles and pouring
wine, he is in charge of creating a wine list, combining food and wine, as well as recommending wine to the guest,
all of which involve collaborating with the chef. However, despite this, it is a mistake to think that sommelier can
only be found in restaurants, as they are not exclusively related to catering, although they are usually found there.
In addition to working in a restaurant, in the "fine dining" section, the sommelier can perform other activities such
as: training other people to work in a restaurant and winery, organizing and conducting wine tours, working in a
wine shop, writing about wine , as well as consultations with private individuals and wine bars.
The most general definition is that these are people who specialize in working with wine. However, even this is not
the most accurate, because a good sommelier, in addition to wine, should have knowledge of alcoholic distillates,
beer, cocktails, water, juices, coffee, tea and cigarettes (cigars) and their combination with food, as well as
appropriate serving it.
As a new profession, sommelier is relatively little valorized in the tourism industry. However, where they are
engaged, they carry a note of professionalism and positively affect the quality of the tourist offer.
Keywords: sommelier, tourism, service, wine tourism, wine.

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