Globalization and developing countries

Paceskoski, Vlatko and Sajnoski, Krste (2012) Globalization and developing countries. First International Conference for Business. pp. 357-370. ISSN ISSN 1857-8373

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The theoretical approaches towards the term globalization formally are very different,but still essentially similar. The differences are reduced to hues, because “de facto” all of them are defining one and a same tendency which final goal is new, global world order.
In the broadest sense of the word the globalization is interpreted as a process of unifying of national systems and in all their segments (societal, economical, social, cultural,etc.). As for the economic interpretation of the globalization, one approach on the term as a
process of integration that is universalization of the national economies in a unique, mutual,world economy whose differential specifics are a new form of organization, a new type of functioning and a new style of managing with the economic flows.Others understand the globalization as a process of transformation of the national economies in a global system of production, consumption and exchange (the distributionstays disintegrated?!). Also, it can be found the opinions that define globalization as a process of forming an integral, mutual market, and through the liberalization of the markets of goods/services,technology, labor, capital and information. Thus, standing out all the advantages of the process of globalization-better allocation and exploitation of the recourses thereby the
production growths, and thus the living standard, better approach to the technological achievements (to the know-how) and their dispersion, better assortment and quality of the consumption; better and cheaper information…But right here one question emerges: which countries in the world economy absorb the advantages of the globalization?

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