AI and its role in preserving cultural heritage- transforming the citys urban memory

Namiceva, Ekaterina and Namicev, Petar (2018) AI and its role in preserving cultural heritage- transforming the citys urban memory. IDEA, International Journal of Science and Arts, 2 (3). pp. 171-176. ISSN 2545-4560

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The paths of Artificial intelligence and cultural heritage have found shared interest, merging these two disciplines. The advanced development of Artificial intelligence provides opportunities for the production of innovative tools for documenting and managing cultural heritage. The importance of artificial intelligence in preserving our cultural heritage is of great importance. This paper will discuss different aspects of AI and how it can improve the way cultural assets are managed and presented to the public, mainly through the case of transformation of the city’s urban memory. Cities are places where different aspects of past events are projected through personal memories creating urban memory shaped within a particular space. Urban memory is an important aspect of the cultural heritage of a city that with the use of AI can be captured and preserved for future generations. Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the preservation of cultural heritage in multiple ways. AI can serve as a communicator for relevant information on history, culture (in any language) which informs in an interactive way. AI can act as a guardian of culture making access to information easier than an online encyclopedia providing much more vivid cultural experience. Through the use of different applications urban memory can be captured and preserved allowing citizens to interact with urban memory by offering their memories and by viewing others’ memories. The direction towards which cultural heritage should aim is transforming cities in a cultural environment where cultural heritage is both preserved and enhanced. Key words: urban memory, city, transformation, cultural heritage, artificial intelligence.

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