HUMARSYSPACE project (Protecting HUman SEcurity with non-state-actors in the MARitime and CYber SPAce)

Nikodinovska Krstevska, Ana and Kosevaliska, Olga and Bevilacqua, Giorgia (2020) HUMARSYSPACE project (Protecting HUman SEcurity with non-state-actors in the MARitime and CYber SPAce). [Project]

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HUMARCYSPASE (Protecting HUman SEcurity with non-state-actors in the MARitime and CYber SPAce ) is a project from the field of International law conducted by the Law Department at the Univeristy of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ in Caserta, Italy, with porf. Giorgia Bevilacqua as the Principal Investigator. The project is conducted in partnership with the Faculty of Law, University Goce Delcev in Stip, with prof. Ana Nikodinovska Krstevska and Olga Koshevaliska as reserachers.

HUMARCYSPASE aims to investigate the evolving role of non-state-actors (NSAs) protecting human security (HS) in the maritime- and cyber- space. Both spaces are perceived as common goods that are crucial for the progress, growth and prosperity of all humans. From a different but still relevant perspective, since both spaces are open and universally accessible, they have become a prime breeding ground for cross-border and multifaceted threats which undermine the business, but also the fundamental rights and freedoms of humans navigating along maritime- and cyber- routes (U. Grozio, Mare Liberum, 2007; M. Hildebrandt, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction to Enforce in Cyberspace: Bodin, Schmitt, Grotius in Cyberspace, 2013). The fact that both spaces are free and borderless by nature explains why the project focuses on the role of NSAs; whereas public authorities hardly exercise sovereign powers in areas falling outside State jurisdiction, armed on-board guards, rescue NGOs, search-engine providers and social platforms are all gaining a growing importance in protecting HS. Yet, the new scenario is not problem free, especially in terms of responsibility, and deserves great attention.

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