Tourism Development Strategy for the Municipality of Vinica 2020-2024

Metodijeski, Dejan and Filiposki, Oliver and Taskov, Nako and Sazdova, Julijana and Antonievski, Goran and Dimovski, Cedomir and Todorovic, Emilija and Taleska, Milena and Dzambazovski, Kristijan and Cuculeski, Nikola (2020) Tourism Development Strategy for the Municipality of Vinica 2020-2024. Municipality of Vinica, Vinica.

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The potentials for development of tourism at disposal to the Municipality of Vinica, its natural, cultural and historical wealth are gift of nature and inheritance left to us by our ancestors that we should tend to as caretakers, to preserve them for future generations. In view of that, the municipal administration prepared this document with the aim to provide for sustainable development of tourism in the Municipality of Vinica. Only a development policy based on preservation of biodiversity and cultural landmarks can guarantee long-term success.
The general benefits brought about by tourism industry are an important segment in the overall economic and social development of the municipality.
The strategy for development of tourism in the Municipality of Vinica has several goals, including the presentation of natural and anthropogenic tourism values, services, activities, as well as types of tourism that can be developed.
However, having your best interests in sight, we at the municipal administration have set for ourselves the specific goal to provide conditions for performance of tourism-related economic activities in order to allow for a larger number of citizens to work and live from tourism.
At the same time, the municipality is building partnerships with the private sector, the central government, educational institutions, hotels, travel agencies, operators and chambers, associations of tourism and hospitality workers and NGOs, all of whom took an active part in the preparation and implementation of the Strategy.
This document describes the different types of tourism that can be developed in the municipality of Vinica, in which locations they would be developed and by whom: Cultural and Historical Heritage Tourism, Gastronomic Tourism, Health Tourism, Outdoor Activities and Sports Tourism, Educational Tourism, as well as Hunting and Fishing Tourism.
The Action Plan sets out the activities of the three basic priorities related to the development of tourism in the municipality of Vinica, as follows: Priority 1: Development of quality human and institutional capacities, Priority 2: Tourism Infrastructure, and Priority 3: Tourism offer, promotion and protection.

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