Strategy for tourism development in the Municipality of Demir Kapija 2020-2024

Metodijeski, Dejan and Filiposki, Oliver and Dimovski, Cedomir and Todorovic, Emilija and Taskov, Nako and Taleska, Milena and Dzambazovski, Kristijan and Cuculeski, Nikola and Micevski, Mladen (2020) Strategy for tourism development in the Municipality of Demir Kapija 2020-2024. Municipality of Demir Kapija, Demir Kapija.

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The territory of the municipality of Demir Kapija is spread in the southern part of Macedonia, i.e. in the southeastern part of the Tikves valley, at an extremely important geographical-strategic position. Its excellent location, railway line and proximity to the E-75 motorway make it easily accessible to all travelers and tourists. The great climate, clean environment and fertile soil create ideal conditions for producing quality grapes, brandy and wine that smells exhilaratingly and will conquer you forever with a sip. Demir Kapija has a land with varieties of grapevines, which has contributed to the construction of more wineries in the area.
The beauties of the unique Demir Kapija gorge represent a special attraction for tourists and passers-by who admire this magnificent creation of nature. Three rivers flow in the area of Demir Kapija: Vardar, Doshnica and Boshava. Authentic Demir Kapija nature provides ideal conditions for developing and practicing outdoor sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking and canoeing. This place is also a challenge for the speleologists who come here to explore the two local caves - Bela Voda and Zmejovec. Demir Kapija also houses a wine museum, the only one of its kind in our country, and has an archeological and wine gallery.
Tourism is an important economic branch that contributes to greater economic growth and development of a municipality. Taking into account the natural potentials of Demir Kapija municipality, the local self-government continuously strives and works to promote and develop wine and adventure tourism. For this purpose, every year traditionally organized by the municipality of Demir Kapija, cultural and sports events (Tradition Week - St. Trifun, International Outdoor Festival) are held which are attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists.
The local self-government of Demir Kapija recognizes these potentials for tourism development, which as an important economic branch will greatly contribute to the improvement of local economic development and therefore adopts this Tourism Development Strategy in the municipality of Demir Kapija. Strategic planning will enable all stakeholders to properly target and utilize Demir Kapija's branding potential in a recognizable wine and adventure destination.

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