Adolescent pregnancy occurrence and consequences

Radulovik, Makedonka and Todorova, Biljana and Avirovich, Irena (2020) Adolescent pregnancy occurrence and consequences. Prizren Social Science Journal, 4. pp. 28-34. ISSN 2616-387 X

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Adolescent pregnancy is a problem that societies face, regardless of the level of development. Despite the availability of information and the availability of contraception, as well as the right to an abortion that is guaranteed in most of the modern societies, countries face many cases of adolescent pregnancies. Pregnancy in the period of adolescence irreversibly changes the lives of minors. It has influence on their health, their education, social life and their future as adults. Also, the families of the under-aged parents are directly affected by the consequences, disrupting the functionality of the family.
In a wider sense, the health system and social functioning are burdened in their entirety. Therefore, it’s important to prevent adolescent pregnancies. Contraception is the primary protection against unwanted pregnancy and insufficient and inconsistent application of contraception, as well as the lack of information among young people about the available methods of contraception can be one of the main causes of adolescent pregnancies. Integrated sexuality education for adolescents can be great benefit to educate adolescents about risk factors of pregnancy in early life. The influence of parents is crucial in the prevention of adolescent pregnancy. This paper intention is to analyses current situation on this topic, through available indicators on birth rates, maternal and children mortality worldwide. Qualitative research conducted between the student (18-22), should give more information about use of contraception between young people, their opinion about importance of contraception… Important questions are: Are they well informed about contraception; are the contraception products available; Are they feel free enough to talk with their parents on those topics...etc.

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