The Battle at the River Bregalnica in the Balkan Wars - Short-Term but Bloody

Cackov, Oliver (2019) The Battle at the River Bregalnica in the Balkan Wars - Short-Term but Bloody. XXIII International Scientific Conference: Knowledge in practice.

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The primary reason of the outbreak of the Second Balkan War was Bulgarian-Serbian as well as Greek-Bulgarian antagonism. Also, the creation of the new state of Albania has openly fueled clashes between former allies over the partition of Macedonia. With the London Peace Agreement and Albania's recognition, Serbia and Greece's attention was focused on Macedonia, and the areas Bulgaria sought for itself. The London peace treaty had to be signed even though it would mean a sure change of force in the Balkans. Throughout this complex constellation of relations between these states there was no longer any question of ethnicity, autonomy, or previous plans to separate the remnants of what was left of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. Simply the most important was the balance of relations between the Balkan states. Each starting from its own point of view. One of those aspects was the Bregalnica Battle. The paper presents the consequences on the population of this war, which will have a profound impact on the social and economic life that will be felt for many years to come. Although I wanted to focus on the oral history related to the battle, it is frustrating that we have a small number of such records for many reasons. .
Bulgaria and Serbia realized that the war they fought was the result of fatal disagreement that would result in unnecessary bloodshed. Today, the Balkan states have embarked on a whole new path of rapprochement and cooperation. It is a confirmation for a secure future in the Balkans.

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