The benefits of learning morphological cell image analysis for medical students

Velickova, Nevenka (2019) The benefits of learning morphological cell image analysis for medical students. EDUvision 2019 »Modern Approaches to Teaching the Future Generations«. pp. 818-826. ISSN 978-961-94950-1-8

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In the last decades, the combination of increase of ICT (information and communiication technology), computer power, high-quality of digital cameras and whole slide scanners with the development of image tools analysis, has allowed the possibility for fast and precise analyzing the slides in different field of medicine. Medical students in their practice on the course of histology can use digital images (slides) which has been transformed by the development of whole-slide imaging systems for the evaluation and interpretation of the cell and cell compartments of entire histologic sections. In this review, I will observe the benefits of learning morphological cell image analysis, their potential applications in the course of cytology and histology, and the use of digital image analysis by medical students, including theirs potential strengths, limitations, and considerations of these analysis. Some of the free downloaded software (Digimizer, Image tool ets.) provide basic informations about cell morphology, size, dimensions, nuclear/cytoplasm ratio ets. As a tools and analysis are easy-to-use by students and these are flexible image analysis software packages, that allows precise manual measurements as well as automatic object detection with measurements of cell features as a indicators for early diagnosis. Knowledge and utilization of these tools (in digital image analysis) and software is very important for medical students in their advance courses of study program, as a pathology, oncology, neurology ets. The review observe that learning morphological cell analysis has so many benefits. Image tools analysis becoming a standard method for defining morphologic changes in the cells and tissuues, with this analysis medical students and doctors can identify potential clinical biomarkers and can confirm the diagnosis.

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