Moss-biomonitoring challenges in tracking airborne dust depositions

Lazarova, Maja and Boev, Ivan and Boev, Blazo and Balabanova, Biljana (2019) Moss-biomonitoring challenges in tracking airborne dust depositions. In: 1st Scientific Conference for Critical Environmental Issues of the Western Balkan Countries, 28-30 Oct 2019, Stip, Republic of North Macedonia.

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Trace elements may be absorbed on the moss from the atmosphere either as soluble chemical species in wet deposition or contained in particles from dry deposition. Part of the trace element content of particulates may eventually be released by weathering and reabsorbed by the moss. Whereas uptake efficiencies for particulate-bound trace elements are generally poorly known, Ions may be subject to active uptake into cells or attached on the moss surface by physical and chemical forces. Main problem with issue moss-biomonitoring are reveal as: a) transport of soluble compounds from the soil into moss tissue, particularly during periods with excessive soil/water contact. Although mosses do not have a root system, influence from this source cannot be disregarded, in particular in areas with low atmospheric deposition and b) windblown mineral dust from local soil. As far as the surface bound fraction is concerned, little is known about the binding mechanisms, but the fact that different metals show rather large differences in their retention capacities, indicates that both simple cation exchange on negative surface charges and complex formation with ligands on the moss surface are involved. Laboratory analysis using scanning electron microscopy (emission SEM, TESCAN VEGA3) has been involved for determination of the dry deposition occurred within two species (Homalothecium lutescens and Homalothecium sericeum) from the genus Homalothecium.

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