Creating healthy dieting habits based on scientific knowledge

Simonovski, Zoran and Zdravkovska, Milka (2019) Creating healthy dieting habits based on scientific knowledge. Knowledge - International Journal Scientific Papers, 35.4 (4). pp. 1245-1250. ISSN 1857-923X / 2545-4439 (print)

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The current period is being characterized by mass appearance of chronic non-infectious diseases, not only in the developed countries, but also in the developing countries, where they are the most important reason for mortality and have even more significant share in morbidity. The etiology of chronic non-infectious diseases is due multiple factors, i.e. it is a result of complex interactions between the human organism and its environment. Dieting as a risk factor has a significant place in epidemiology of chronic non-infectious diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that each country should prepare its own strategy for prevention and controls of chronic non-infectious diseases, as a basic document that should provide the fundamental directions for overall and coordinated response to the ever more presence of chronic non-infectious diseases in the national health pathology. The objective of the strategy should be a benefit in avoiding premature mortality, reducing morbidity due to leading chronic non-infectious diseases (coronary heart disease, Целта на стратегијата би трабало да биде придобивка во избегнување на превремена смртност, намалување на морбидитетот од водечките хронични незаразни болести (коронарна срцева болест, cerebrovascular diseases , certain malignant neoplasms and diabetes), improving the life quality and providing healty long-living. It is important to point out that an adult individual “sets the foundations” of its own health even in the earliest period of its life, even before its birth. A good beginning in life, from the aspect of health condition of an individual is an exceptionally important aspect for the later periods of life. The strategy for healthy dieting, as a component of a healthy life style, should be based on scientific knowledge. The aim of this paper is to present the scientific knowledge that should be the basis of creating healthy dieting habits. There are numerous laboratory researches on experimental animals providing knowledge about the dieting style that affects the malignant diseases. These researches have shown that the development of liver malignant tumors in experimental animals under the influence of chemical carcinogens such as the aflatoxin, depends on the quantity of protein food of animal origin intake. What is critical is the daily intake of protein food higher of 12%. A Chinese research, in the course of the nineties of the previous century, made on 880 million inhabitants in 2.400 Chinese quarters, taken samples of blood and urine from 6.500 adults from 65 Chinese quarters, collecting data for 367 different variable sizes, where each variable was compared to the other one, is the most comprehensive epidemiological study ever made in the human history regarding the influence of dieting on population morbidity. The Chinese research is a descriptive epidemiology study from the type of correlation (environmental) study, which according to its scope and data quality is ideal for seeing how the dieting factors jointly influence the development of diseases. Discovering the mechanisms of autophagy, for which a Nobel prize in medicine was awarded in 2016, enables the humans, by the way of dieting and practicing daily starving in a period of 12-165 hours, to activate a process of auto detoxification of its own organism, which in itself is a potent protective factor. The postulates of the strategy for healthy dieting should draw their roots from scientific knowledge of the food influence in occurrence and preventing the development of certain diseases. The health policy creators in each country should use the current scientific knowledge for creating a template of healthy dieting and creating preconditions for it to be implemented in the wider population. Unfortunately, the current indicators for morbidity and mortality of population are evidence that this is not the case.
Keywords: Diseases, dieting, knowledge, strategy

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