The sampling frame definition of the buildings with public access to radon concentration surveys

Kunovska, Bistra and Ivanova, Kremena and Stojanovska, Zdenka and Chobanova, Nina and Djunakova, Decislava and Djounova, Jana (2019) The sampling frame definition of the buildings with public access to radon concentration surveys. In: Seventh international conference on radiation in various fields of research (rad 2019), 10–14 June 2019, Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

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This study discusses the sampling frames of the buildings with public access to radonconcentration surveys on the territory of Bulgaria in order to assess the health risk for the population.The sampling frame is the list from which the sample is selected, so the quality of the sampling frameaffects the quality of the sample. The general list of different types of buildings with public access hasbeen prepared in accordance with the list of the Ministry of the Regional Development and PublicWorks in Bulgaria and international experience in the field of radon investigation. The types ofbuildings with public access have been classified in nine general groups. These groups of buildingswith public access are defined as follows: educational institutions; buildings for commerce and/orservices; health and social care buildings; buildings in the field of culture; sports facilities; buildingsin the field of transport; prisons; cult and religious buildings and post offices. Multicriteria analysiswas applied to select the types of buildings in order to assess the health risk from radon exposure inbuildings with public access. The main criteria for the analysis are: the probability of high radonconcentration; time spent in building and the number of people accessing the place. For the purposeof the precise definition of the target buildings, it is necessary to ensure that the all the places wherethe population could be exposed to radon are adequately covered. To define the whole list of thetarget buildings, the official available information has been used from: the Ministry of Education andScience for the schools and universities; Ministry of Health for the hospitals and polyclinics; Ministryof Culture for the theatres, cinemas and museums and the Ministry of Tourism for hotels, caves, etc.

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