Technetium Nitrido-Peroxo Complexes: An Unexplored Class of Coordination Compounds

Pasquali, Micol and Janevik-Ivanovska, Emilija and Duatti, Adriano (2019) Technetium Nitrido-Peroxo Complexes: An Unexplored Class of Coordination Compounds. Inorganics, 7 (12). p. 142. ISSN 2304-6740

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The purpose of this work was to further expand the chemistry of mixed technetium nitrido-peroxo complexes, a still poorly explored class of compounds containing the Tc(VII) moiety, [99gTc][Tc(N)(O2)2]. A number of novel complexes of the formula [99gTc][Tc(N)(O2)2(L)] with bidentate ligands (L) (where L = deprotonated alanine, glycine, proline) were prepared by reacting a solution of nitrido-technetic(VI) acid with L in the presence of a source of H2O2. Alternatively, the complex [99gTc][Tc(N)(O2)2X]− (X = Cl, Br) was used as a precursor for substitution reactions where the halogenide ion was replaced by the bidentate ligand. The new complexes were characterized by elemental analysis and mass spectroscopy. The preparation of the analogous [99mTc][Tc(N)(O2)2] moiety, radiolabeled with the metastable isomer Tc-99m, was also studied at a no-carrier-added level, using S-methyl-N-methyl-dithiocarbazate as the donor of the nitrido nitrogen atoms.

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