Foreign fighters - perception of threat

Taneski, Nenad and Kozarev, Atanas (2019) Foreign fighters - perception of threat. Economy and globalization, the rule of law and media in the conditions of digitalization in the Western Balkan Countries, 9 (20). ISSN 2232-8807

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In the past few years, the civil war in Syria has been a major security problem for
Europe. This is the first conflict in which many European citizens have joined as fighters in
terrorist organizations. For many of them publicly released videos confirming the crimes
committed. After returning to their home countries of Europe, these individuals represent the
potential for domestic terrorism, a challenge to European security and cohesion. Since 2012,
about 5,000 people have traveled from Europe to Syria and Iraq. About 1,500 of these foreign
terrorist fighters have returned to their home European countries. Some have returned
disappointed or traumatized by their military experience, but there are some who have bad
intentions. Given that this threat is new, the question is which persons should be considered as
foreign fighters and which terms are most appropriate for them in the academic debate. In this
paper, we will try to define the concept of foreign fighters, the lack of a comprehensive
approach, and the appropriate measures to counter this threat, as the response of Western
democracies has so far been uncoordinated and stereotyped.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: security, foreign fighters, threat, terrorism
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