Characterization of the constituents of the structural channels in Beryl

Boev, Blazo (1990) Characterization of the constituents of the structural channels in Beryl. Faculty of Geology and Mining - Stip, Ohrid.

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In addition to the principal elements comprising the for­ mula of beryl (Be, Al,Si), water and carbon dioxide are also its essential constituents. Their presence and distribution depend on the conditions prevailing durin~ the crystallization of beryl. These constituents, just like the large cations (Cs,
K, Na, Li) are located within the structural channels which are formed by the six-member rings of SiO~- tetrahedra.
The determination of,these volatile components of beryl is comparatively straightforward using IR-spectroscopy. Water and carbon dioxide display well-resolved and sharp absorption maxima in the regions 3700-3500 cm^l and 2400-2300 cm^l respectively. The quantity of water and carbon dioxide entering the beryl structure is controlled by their fugacities durni~ the
crystallization process, as well as by available space within the hosting structural channels.

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