Компликации на очите кај заболени од бруцелозис

Kamceva, Milka and Kamcev, Nikola and Girova, Vaska and Spasov, Mijalce (1990) Компликации на очите кај заболени од бруцелозис. Прилози (Contributions). ISSN 0350-1914

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Three cases are described with changes of particular parts of the eye during bruceloza. Among the organs and the tissues that are very often struck by the bruceloza are: the limph system, hepar, urogenital system, the haematopoetic organs, locomotoric apparatus, cardiovascular and nervous system and others. Even though rare but still damages and changes are present on different parts of the eyes.
It is about cerathitis, iridociclitis, and spontaneous rupture of the bulbus at our sick people. The changes of the eye are not conditioned from the severity of the clinical photograph of the bruceloza. With the use of the specific therapy and treatment of the bruceloza, the discomforts by the side of the eye is soothed and the condition is reclaimed.

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