Gazepov, Strahil and Gorgiev, Alen and Stoykova, Slavena (2019) From ECCE to FACO. Knowledge – International Journal, 35 (4). pp. 1319-1322. ISSN 2545-4439

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In the period from 1999 to 2019, the eye department at the Clinical Hospital in Shtip is taking a serious step towards applying the most modern working protocols on the one hand and introducing new, modern methods for treating patients.It can be rightly said that in this period of time a step is taken in the application of modern ophthalmology. Prior to 1999, the cataract was operated on by the method of ICCE and the cornea was sewn with threads of bio-material that we had prepared on our own. In our department we had about 20 patients with ulcers and iridocyclitis and if I remember that period the main treatment was sub subconjunctival drug application. In 2001/2002 part of the ward was renovated and mainly renovated the operating room which we had previously shared with our colleagues at ENT and finally in 2002 we received two operating rooms only in the eye department one for cataract surgery and a smaller one for small interventions. From that moment on, conditions have emerged for the introduction of eczema as a method of choice in cataract treatment. Access to the equipment is completed and the instrument and with the help of the Clinic for Eye Diseases in Skopje will be the first ECCE to be started in 2004 by Dr. Zlatko Arnaudov. During this time the eye department will be regularly assisted by Dr. Karolina Blazevska Buzarovska, Dr. Violeta D. Josifovska and Dr. Dejan from Prilep. At this moment I would like to thank my colleagues for the unselfish help and patience they have put in to teach us to operate on our own in Stip. So in the distant 2005, the first ECCE was done by a home doctor and immediately after that the method became routine by all eye doctors.But collaboration with the Skopje Eye Disease Clinic does not stop there and soon, trapantrabeculotomy will be introduced as a method of treating glaucoma patients by Dr. Kaolina B. Blazevska. In the period of 2009/2011 the eye department is intensively equipped with the help of the Ministry of Health and by donations so on 24.10.2011 the first faco cataract surgery will be performed by Dr. Dejan Stavrik. Soon afterwards, Prof. Stefanovik from Belgrade comes to Belgrade as an educator and with his enormous help we begin to become independent in the challenge called Chaco Operations. Soon after completing the training at the Tokuda Hospital in Sofia, Dr. Alek Topov will come as an educator who will come to Shtip for a longer period of time and will help a lot in our independence as a cataract surgeon. At that time, Dr. Polidovitz from New Jersey, USA, will be the guest of the Eye Department, who will also donate a Faco and Lomb Millennium and very fine instrumentation in addition to operating with us. Next year 2014 and in 2015 more eye-popping guests will be more US operators from Sand Lake City.

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