Democracy as a mechanism in prevention of asymmetrical security threats

Taneski, Nenad (2011) Democracy as a mechanism in prevention of asymmetrical security threats. Security in the post-conflict (Western) Balkans: Transition and challenges faced by the Republic of Macedonia. pp. 196-204.

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At the time of the Cold War, democracy had communist ideology as its rival and the largest threat to the security of democratic states was seen in the countries of the Eastern block led by the Soviet Union. In the new international relations a rival of the democratic ideology is the ideology of radical Islamists, and the greatest threat to national security of democratic states are threats that often stand behind the followers of this ideology. Western democracies try to implement democratic values in the "apostate" Arab states in order to ensure their own national security. The question that inevitably arises is whether democracy has a mechanism strong
enough to suppress asymmetric threats (global terrorism, transnational crime and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction)?

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Uncontrolled Keywords: democracy, autocracy, asymmetric threats, terrorism, security
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