The Struggle of Power and Passion in Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

Jankova Alagjozovska, Natka (2014) The Struggle of Power and Passion in Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. Journal of Social and Human Sciences. ISSN 1857-9051

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This paper covers the very common theme of conflict between power and passion in both mentioned novels introduced by two pairs who seek their balance in order to achieve happiness. We are aware that there are
certain differences in the two main relationships presented in the two novels. Power is central in both novels and a balance of power is needed
in both relationships to reach the love heaven. Jane Eyre and Rochester reach their balance and a happy ending, whereas in Wuthering Heights the unapproachable balance leads to destruction of both Cathy and Heathcliff. The conflicts depicted in these novels lead to happiness and
power is often replaced by love, but the balance is different in each case. Jane Eyre has a happy ending while Wuthering Heights ends with the death of Heathcliff. The sisters, apparently, did not share the same reaction to Byronism. Gender was also an important domain in the Victorian age and in the novels of Emily and Charlotte Brontё. Their heroes and heroines kept the conventions and norms of their time but in Jane Eyre
this adherence led to happiness, while in Wuthering Heights it resulted in destruction. In neither novel marriage is for the sake of status and wealth. It is described as conducive to love and happiness.

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