English Language Teaching: Enhancing Students’ Motivation with Task-Based Activities

Jankova Alagjozovska, Natka (2015) English Language Teaching: Enhancing Students’ Motivation with Task-Based Activities. National and International Research Conference 2015. ISSN 978-974-692-402-3

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This paper covers the issue of avoiding traditional frontal teaching through the usage of task-based activities. Task based activities are proved to make the lessons more interactive and increase students’ curiosity, engagement and motivation during the
lessons of English language as a foreign language. The paper also deals with motivation and enhancing motivation of the students by using the already mentioned task-based
activities. The introduction covers motivation as a pedagogical process, its definition and then proceeds with task based activities and their implementation.
What follows after that is the summative and formative assessment as new ways of grading and evaluating the students. With these types of assessments students become
more motivated because they are graded at each lesson and get feedback from their teacher which helps them improve their weaker sides. Motivation, learning, interactive tasks and formative and summative assessment are factors that are closely linked within the process of learning and teaching English as a foreign language. The purpose of this paper is to get closer to the task-based activities and also to provide a suggestion of how to implement these activities in English language teaching altogether with the assessment process.

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