Fashion during the 20th century post-war periods

Kertakova, Marija and Jordeva, Sonja and Mojsov, Kiro (2019) Fashion during the 20th century post-war periods. Tekstilna industrija. ISSN 0040-2389

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20th century war and post-war periods are a particularly specific time lines that have a dramatic effect on the development of fashion. In the post-war period, the problem of fashion appearance took a back seat. This fact, which affects both sexes equally, is perceived relatively quietly by men but not by women. As always, there are two trends – attraction and repulsion. The first involves the use of militar elements in a civilian costume. The second tendency is to create a line that will allow people to shake off as soon as possible the nightmarish memories of the war. The new social ideal of beauty is based on the clear construction and appropriateness of the garment, but it already feels the ebb and flow of the principle of military production – „cheap and easy”. The new fashion bows to the elements left behind by cubism and constructivism – rigor, clarity, linearity, volume reduction – after the First and – convenience, combination of the incompatible, kaleidoscope of colors, fabrics and forms – after the Second World War. After the end of the two world wars, the military and pre-war influences were almost forgotten. New generations live their full-blooded lives and are interested in fashion clothing, and here come the first fashion trends related to youth counterculture. The breakthrough of women in the business world and the trace for emancipation imposes from military emelents, ladies' fashion, to begin to shift towards masculine ones. A new wave of segregation and a special attitude towards a brand new women's business clothing begins.

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