Geography in geospatial intelligence - C4IRS and cyber security

Taneski, Nenad and Petrovski, Aleksandar and Bogatinov, Dimitar (2019) Geography in geospatial intelligence - C4IRS and cyber security. Security and crisis management–theory and practice. pp. 65-73. ISSN ISBN: 978-86-80692-02-9

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Information in 21st century represents power, and with that, safest and most legitimate "machine for dominating". Since ancient times, people have used maps to represent information about real places. This allowed them to visualize and think about these places while not actually being physically present. Information becomes
displayed at a reduced scale organized by a cartographer. It expresses a view of extensive regions impossible to see from a single vantage point and communicates
information about the represented space. Consequences from the rapid growth of information technologies and their usage for army purposes make information one of
the key concepts of the unconventional warfare. Application of Geography in the Army for getting information is wide used all over the world, but this paper gives an overview and make particular ideas for further development in usage of GIS for geospatial
intelligence - C4IRS and Cyber security. Today, in western societies, more people are employed collecting, handling, and distributing information than in any other
occupation. Computers, optical fiber, copper wire, and electromagnetic waves link people to the vast array of information handling devices. Our society is truly an
Information Society. Our time is the Information Age.
The main aim is getting specific information about objects, buildings and devices on the ground through geo-location and plots field data (various digital, video images), further management and planning strategies for ensuring proper cyber security, and also in
other way, getting information from the intelligence services based on the information from the C4IRS. In this paper, despite the overview of usage geography for georeconnaissance in army, is presented an application
for the soldiers on the battlefield for live streaming
(drones and video camera) and live processing of the
decisions from their commands, getting real time track
log with moving map (through a GPS signal), which
displays their current coordinate location, and
their protection in cyber space of heading
directions given by their commanders. The development of this kind of application based on GIS will make a breakthrough in geospatial intelligence, helping in the everyday life.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Geography, cyber, geospatial, security, GIS.
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