From Global Earth Magnetic Field to Therapeutic Experience: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Developing Tourism Product

Cingoski, Vlatko and Petrevska, Biljana (2019) From Global Earth Magnetic Field to Therapeutic Experience: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Developing Tourism Product. Journal of Applied Economics and Business, 7 (3). pp. 23-29. ISSN 1857- 8721

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Beside the gravity, the magnetism is one of the fundamental properties of the Earth and it is native and fundamental to our planet’s existence. Recently, an interest is paid to the biomagnetism as a special scientific field dealing with the influence of the global Earth’s magnetic field on humans. So it became a diagnostic tool and a therapeutically procedure for many diseases, like: neuronal or cardiac diseases, trauma injuries, brain and heart miss functions and problems. Hence, large number of academicians argue that this global Earth influence could and should not be neglected. Some other, more specific studies focus on the so-called Schumann resonance magnetic field frequencies that exhibit some peculiar properties not only to human’s environment, but also to human’s behavior and wellbeing. The objective of the paper is to introduce some new insights and raise a discussion if the existence of such magnetic fields may be a reason why people feel more relaxed and healthier when visiting some recreational locations (like: tourist resorts, wellness, spa and recreation centers) and tourist attractions (like: churches, monasteries, geo-parks, etc.). So, the paper discusses that the recreational areas that are affected by the low-frequency electromagnetic fields and stream with high positive signals on human behavior and health conditions of tourists, visitors, and excursionists, may offer ultimate satisfaction in an ambient with positive and harmonious energy vibrations. Finally, the findings may assist in identifying new strategic dimensions for promoting new aspects of tourism product. Tourism along with the wellness industry, often relies on to the health-promoting atmospheres which may be related to many other medical practices, therapy interventions, holistic approaches, leisure pursuance leading to tourism destinations development.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Low frequency; Schumann resonance; Therapeutic effect; Tourism.
Subjects: Engineering and Technology > Environmental engineering
Divisions: Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Depositing User: Biljana Petrevska
Date Deposited: 03 Sep 2019 08:14
Last Modified: 03 Sep 2019 08:14

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