Usage of interdental brushes in everyday students’ oral hygiene

Dimova, Cena (2019) Usage of interdental brushes in everyday students’ oral hygiene. In: Knowledge without borders - XX international conference, 29-31 March 2019, Vrnjacka Banja, Republic of Serbia.

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Introduction: The interdental spaces are the areas that are most frequently accumulated with dental plaque. The toothbrush, which is successful in removing plaque at buccal, lingual and occlusal surfaces, seems not to be completely successful in removing plaque at interdental sites. Interdental devices for oral hygiene are frequently recommended by dental professionals to patients in order to achieve a good dental and periodontal health. An interdental brush is a small brush, typically disposable, either supplied with a reusable angled plastic handle or an integral handle, used for cleaning between teeth and between the wire of dental braces and the teeth.
Aim: The aim of this study was to determinate the maintenance of oral hygiene and the use of interdental brush and to compare the use of an interdental brush and dental floss for controlling the dental biofilm around teeth of the Dental Medicine’s students.
Material and Method: Eighty students of Dental Medicine aged 19 to 22 year were included in the study. The examinations were made twice: before enrolling the subject Prophylaxis of oral disease and after, in fourth semester and after in the next semester.
During the first thirty days, students used the conventional Bass method of brushing associated with cleaning the interproximal space only with dental tape. At the end of the semester, a new plaque index was measured. At the beginning of the next semester, the students were instructed to use conventional brushing, and then only interproximal cleaning with interdental brushes. At the end of this semester, a new plaque index was measured.
Results:The analysis revealed a significant difference in the effectiveness of the two cleaning methods used for controlling the interproximal biofilm, showing that the plaque index was significantly lower (24.3%) with the interdental brush than when dental floss was used. Evaluation was made how their attitude has been changed in maintaining oral hygiene after learning about prophylaxis of oral disease and oral health.
Conclusion: The results showed that the usage of interdental brushes is more effective at controlling the interproximal dental biofilm around teeth compared with using dental floss. Knowledge and training how to usage interdental cleaning products and devices for better oral health has important role in maintains oral hygiene and reduce the level of plaque around the teeth.

Keywords: interdental cleaning, interdental brush oral health, oral hygiene.

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