Procedures for dimension of flexible road constructions

Glavinov, Aleksandar and Dimov, Gorgi and Zlatanov, Nikola (2019) Procedures for dimension of flexible road constructions. Knowledge – International Journal, Vol 30 (No 3 ). pp. 625-630. ISSN 2545-4439

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Experience and procedures for dimension of flexible road construction structures is a complex process. Therefore, several dimension methods are used: ASHTO formed in 1959 in the state of Illinois, USA, Federal Association for Public Roads and Transport AASHTO 2004, methods of the Institutes for asphalt formed in 1955 in England ASSHO and WASHO, method of the SHELL group and method of (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration USA. Methods for collecting data and accumulating them in an appropriate project include design levels, predictions of damage, unevenness, assessment of characteristics, design reliability, expected costs, dimension, and predicting the behavior of pavement structures. The AASNTO method is based on the results of an experiment made in the state of Illinois in 1959 and 1960, and the first guideline was published in 1961 since then, updates have been published regularly to track down the latest findings in the area of pavement structures. There are also computer programs designed for using this method, one of which is "FLEXPAVE". The ASSOA and WASHO method appeared in 1955 in England, it is implemented by the asphalt institute. In the upcoming years this method was upgraded in collaboration with the US engineering corps, the US government agencies and the most famous numerical procedures for the time, as well as computer programs "DAMA" "BISAR "And" CHEVRON ". This software enables the monitoring of monthly changes in condition and destruction by entering the corresponding input data. Through the SHELL group method, the pavement structure is viewed as a linear elastic multi-layer system whose layers have their own characteristics that are expressed through the modulus of elasticity Poisson's coefficient. The traffic is expressed through an ESA - an equivalent standard axis, which acts vertically and it is equally distributed over one or more circular surfaces. Through the (FAA) method, the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has issued a manual for the dimension of pavement structures depending on the mass of the plane, based on its own classification of the ground, the characteristics of the materials that are part of the pavement structure, the loading of the main aircraft, repetition of the load and the frost effect. Based on these parameters, the thickness of the pavement structure is determined. Today, there is software based on the finite element principles of FEAFAA, FEDFAA, BAKFAA return program, and a program for determining the ACN number COMFAA

Key words: pavement constructions, flexibility, design, procedures, dimension.

Field: Technical and technological sciences

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