Difference in craniofacial characteristics in attractive male and female faces

Carceva-Salja, Sofija and Atanasova, Sandra and Petrovski, Mihajlo (2019) Difference in craniofacial characteristics in attractive male and female faces. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers. ISSN 2545-4439

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Beauty, or more precisely, the art that is hidden in the creation of human face has always attracted great interest and has been a research point in many areas. Contemporary orthodontic is science which is trying to stady human face throught mesurable and objective parameters. Since ancient cultures and societies, huge attention has been focused on facial aesthetics and phisical atractivness. Today, phisical atractivness in both male and female continues to be much more highlited and the interest for facial aesthetics is growing.The aim of this study is to determine the influence of the gender on skeleton-facial characteristics(Sagittal jaw relationship, vertical jaw relationship and profile convexity) between attractive male and female faces. The study was performed on 54 attractive individuals (18 males and 36 females) ranging in age between 14-25 years. Facial attractiveness was assessed by using an-face photographs examined by a panel of 50 students. For ranking facial attractiveness VAS-Visual Analog Scale was used. Craniofacial morphology was determined by using lateral head film. Cephalometric analyses included measuring of sagittal jaw relationship, vertical jaw relationship and profile convexity. The data obtained from cephalometric analyses were compared between the two groups. Results in this study reveals that when comparing attractive males with attractive females, the attractive Macedonian males had larger SNB angle(p<0.001) and SNPg (p<0.05), or more precisely anterior positioned mandible with prominence of the chin. There was statistically significant difference for the angle ANB(P<0.001) i Wits(p<0.01) confirming the presence of biger profile convexity (NSPg p<0.001 i NsSnPgs p<0.001) in attractive female individuals that shows the existance of the sex dimorphism. Based on our findings we can concluded that more flat profiles are preferred today, actually perception of an ideal male profile in modern times is flat profile with smaller dominance of the nose and more convex profiles in attractive female faces
Keywords: Face, aesthetics, craniofacial morphology, occlusion

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Subjects: Medical and Health Sciences > Other medical sciences
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Date Deposited: 15 Jul 2019 08:56
Last Modified: 15 Jul 2019 08:56
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