Ultrasound and treatment options in physical medicine

Cuckova, Simona and Vasileva, Dance (2019) Ultrasound and treatment options in physical medicine. In: Second congress of students of general medicine, 09-10 May 2019, Stip, Republic of North Macedonia.

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Therapeutic ultrasound refers generally to any type of ultrasonic procedure that uses ultrasound for therapeutic benefit. It has been shown to cause increases in many medical areas.Ultrasound therapy, using a specific modality is applied by physiotherapist or professional therapist for treating pain and tissue healing.
The aim is to present the complex physical approach in treatment options with ultrasound;
Materials and methods
The study examines the effects of therapeutic ultrasound on the range of motion and extended pain. The subjects are 12 healthy patients .We compared the following 3 interventions in a randomized study by applying the same subjects: (1) ultrasound group (2) without the use of ultrasound (placebo group) and (3) control group. Each condition is tested for one week separately. Interventions and measurement sites were defined as the upper muscle fibers of the right trapezoid muscle, in particular the center point of the C7 spinal process to the acromic end of the clavicle.We applied ultrasound unit (EU-940) with an effective radiation surface of 6.0 cm2 and a ratio of beam inequality of 3.2: 1. The ultrasound was applied at 3 MHz with a intensity of 1.0 W / cm2 and 100% working cycle (ie, continuous mode) for 10 minutes. The ultrasonic transmission gel was used as a medium for circulation, and was applied to the skin after warming at an average temperature of 33 ° C for all groups.
The results of pain in the m.trapezius section of the three groups of subjects did not show significant differences. Changes in the active range of motion are significantly larger in the ultrasonic group. The changes in the passive range of motion show a larger value in the ultrasonic group. Temperature changes are significantly larger the ultrasonic group.
The complex physical approach in therapeutic possibilities with ultrasound leads to major changes in the active and passive range of motion.
Key words: ultrasound , movement, m.trapezius

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