Tourism as a composition of economic sciences and the economic process

Kitanov, Vladimir (2018) Tourism as a composition of economic sciences and the economic process. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers, 28.1. pp. 371-375. ISSN 2545-4439

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The tourism economy can be defined as part of the economic sciences that describes, analyzes, explains and brings together the phenomena and relations in tourism in terms of their economic performance and result / reflection. Given that it can significantly affect socio-economic relations and given the necessary systemic solutions within the national economies, the relevant economic policies of the country and the international community, tourism has all the properties / features to be subject to macroeconomic analysis. On the other hand, the multitude of economic organisms operating in the tourism industry justify many microeconomic studies. But apart from the interests that tourism thrives in the framework of aggregate economics and economics of enterprises, it justifiably requires specific study as a "boundary area" that is somewhat analogous to the frontier or district economics of some other activities. Moreover, seen as a commercial phenomenon, tourism can and must, above all, be described and analyzed analytically, be explained and understood as such an area of economic sciences, because in such an area, purified terms allow for a clearer understanding of its macroeconomic and microeconomic aspects. However, there is also the biggest problem in determining the place of tourism as the subject of economic sciences. Keywords: tourism, economics, tourist consumption and economic process

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