Strengthening of biotechnological education in Macedonia as an important development component

Popovski, Zoran and Popovska, Olga and Demiri, Sani and Saiti - Musliji, Zimere and Dimovska, Daniela and Sabriu-Haxhijana, Arita and Pollozhani, Azis (2018) Strengthening of biotechnological education in Macedonia as an important development component. 2nd TSDConference. p. 15.

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Biotechnology is a discipline which is applied in different areas such as: food production and
processing, pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics etc. By strengthening of biotechnological education
in Macedonia (SBEM) can be improved and modernized this field of education in order to meet the
industry needs in the country. SBEM will be coordinated by the Faculty of Technological Sciences as
a part of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje and it will include vocational high schools dealing
with biotechnology in the Republic of Macedonia and appropriate clusters in the frame of
Commercial Chambers. The main objective is to improve teachers’ and trainers’competences and
their ability to provide eLearning in-service vocational training courses for biotechnology secondary
school teachers. Putting together of all stakeholders in biotechnological education will be done by
establishment of a National Data for Biotechnological Education of Macedonia (NDBEM). Different
type of training (courses, workshops, seminars) will be held at each faculty in e-learning way using
active teaching/learning (ATL) approach. The trainings will be given by International and domestic
experts in biotechnological education. ATL is important for university staff and vocational teachers as
they had no pedagogical training during their graduate courses. University teachers will develop and
implement classical and online vocational courses targeting recent advances in biotechnology for
biotechnology teachers in VET schools. Previously, the market survey should be done in order to
analyze the need of a real technological sector in cooperation with Commercial Chambers. NDBEM
will be formed using assistance from Graz university and it will be used as a repository for online
courses and teaching resources developed during trainings of university and teachers in biotechnology
vocational education and training (BVET). Project deliverables will be stored and available in the
NDBEM for future users. Its sustainability need to be provided by its recognition from the Ministries
of Education and Science. SBEM will have the following specific objectives: improvement of quality
and availability of vocational education; strengthening of professional and pedagogical competences
of educators and trainers; and creation of the “open source“ repository for educators in the area of
biotechnological education

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