Nutritional Therapy in Adult Patients with Post-corrosive Injuries of GastrointestinalTract

Chibishev, Andon (2011) Nutritional Therapy in Adult Patients with Post-corrosive Injuries of GastrointestinalTract. MSM.

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Acute poisonings with corrosive substances may cause serious chemical injuries of the upper gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the intestines. They appear as a result of accidental or intentional ingestion of caustic substances and may be found in patients of different ages. The aim of this paper was to present our experience with nutritional support in patients with acute caustic poisonings that hinder normal nutrition. Material and Methods. This retrospective study included 33 patients with a history of corrosive substances abuse (acids, alkali and chlo- rine bleach), of both sexes, aged above 14 years. Results. Follow-up assessment of our patients has shown a considerable weight loss on day 7 (p<0.001), day 14 (p<0.001), day 21 (p<0.001) and day 28 (p<0.001) after admission to hospital, which is explained with the severe post-corrosive condition of the patients and hypercatabolic state. Conclusion. Caustic poisonings are the most severe poisonings in the clinical practice and they are mostly encountered in younger adults. By application of artificial nutritional support we managed to maintain body weight, level of proteins and albumins, nutritional status and nitrogen balance in our patients.
Key words: corrosive poisonings, nutritional therapy, proteins, nitro

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