The importance of the new public management for efficient public administration

Denkova, Jadranka and Lazarevski, Pande and Denkova, Branka (2018) The importance of the new public management for efficient public administration. In: Challenging the Status Quo in Management and Economics STRATEGICA International Academic Conference -Sixth Edition, 11-12 Oct 2018, Bucharest, Romania.


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New public management is gaining momentum in the process of managing the public administration. European countries driven by the idea to increase the efficiency of the public administration impose strategies and a new approach to the process of public administration management. This means independence of the managerial function in the public sector, independent governance, quick response, responsiveness of the public administration and empowering responsibility of the administration. The favoring of the discretionary right inflicts the question of the responsibility of the public administration. This creates new models for monitoring the performance and assessment of the public administration that allows strengthening of the administration's responsibility in all categories of titles, including managerial workers. In the Republic of Macedonia, the new model for public management is difficult to be accepted, regardless of the fact that legislator made changes to the administrative laws in the approach of assessment and accountability of the administration. In the European countries, the new public management is more acceptable as an indication of the fact that in many European countries the central government conveys the function of managing the public administration as an independent function of the local governments. Moreover, the local authorities are free to create payment systems, regulate the assessment process and to motivate the administrative officials. Hence, the subject of this paper is to understand the role and significance of the new public management in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as to make a comparative analysis with the European countries. Hence, this research paper aims to impose an opinion on the significance of the new public management and whether it contributes to the efficiency of the work of the public administration. The research methodology is based on an analysis of research results and strategies adopted by the European countries. In addition, the paper analyzes the administrative laws and bylaws with an assessment of the new public management. The results of the research point to the conclusion that the new public management is not recognized in all European countries, and that Republic of Macedonia, is not familiar with the new public management. However, basic legal solutions can be explored that leave the possibility for the application of the new managerial management. There is a necessity of comprehensive analysis of the work and development of the public sector in the Republic of Macedonia, obligation for a serious approach of the law implementation and a reduction of the resistance to the changes by the employees in the public sector.
Keywords: public management, public administration, efficiency, responsibility, results

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