From mass media and culture to mass society

Koceva, Daniela and Mirascieva, Snezana (2018) From mass media and culture to mass society. Balkan Social Science Review, Vol.12. ISSN 1857-8772

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Today we live and face a communication paradox: the world has never been richer with information, but unfortunately information with little authenticity and criticism. A great number of information storms create junk information, the purpose of which is not to present confront opinions, but to relativize, generalize, and thus put social criticism to sleep. Society is flooded with information coming from everywhere and most often ina disturbing, confusing way. Reality around us is strongly influenced by the mass media and it is very easily transformed into showthe mass media offer. In addition, it seems that the values are being lost.Culture is the highest expression of human creativity, which is conditioned by social and historical circumstances. It is a model of living common to all people and it includes values, norms, customs, rules of behavior, knowledge and technology, language and art. It exists to satisfy the basic biological, psychological and social needs of individuals.The subject of this paper is the analysis of the relationship between the media and the culture.

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