Sources of the power and the authority of managers

Todorova, Biljana and Belovski, Vojo (2018) Sources of the power and the authority of managers. Knowledge – International Journal, 28 (1). pp. 79-84. ISSN 2545-4439


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The paper starts from the general approach to the content and essence of the categories of power and authority and their interrelationship at the level of theoretical analysis and practical existence and manifestation. The sources from which the power and the authority of managers emerge will be analyzed taking into account their position and role in the organizations and other forms of the existence of the managerial function.
The power is the right to order and obligation to respect / apply the order - it is very present in the work and behavior of the managers. The power is visible in the area of the state activities, in the education system, among the family.
The authority represents carrying out the will even when it is contrary to the interests of others. You can talk about economic, ideological, religious, media authority, the authority of political parties and interest groups.
Organizations are composed of persons who perform greater or lesser degrees of authority and power. Sometimes the power and authority in the organization arise from the position of a person in the organization or from the knowledge and skills that a person possesses. Others express their authority in interpersonal relationships through their character. In practice, it is seen that individuals have formal power and no real authority.
Most directly, the authority of managers is derived from their functions / activities in the enterprise, from the right to command and direct other people in their tasks and responsibilities. Their power stems from the right and the ability to create an environment in which other individuals will participate in the realization of the organization's goals, in other words, the right to create an atmosphere that will encourage people to dedicate themselves to the work and development of the enterprise.
The authority of managers arises from their intellectual knowledge, often higher than the knowledge of employees, which also activates authority as a voluntary acknowledgment of influence on the subordinate.
Through an analytical approach, analyzes will be made on some issues and aspects of the status of managers in the Macedonian society, through projected grouping / classification of types of managers. Also, an answer to the question of why the managerial function in the Republic of Macedonia is reviving.
Keywords: power, authority, sources, managers, Republic of Macedonia, emergent forms.

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