Влијанието на социо-економските фактори врз појавата и прогресијата на пародоналната болест

Petrovski, Mihajlo and Terzieva-Petrovska, Olivera and Minovska, Ana and Papakoca, Kiro and Kovacevska, Ivona (2018) Влијанието на социо-економските фактори врз појавата и прогресијата на пародоналната болест. Зборник на трудови, Регионална стручно-научна конференција, Факултет за медицински науки.


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Beside caries, periodontal diseases are the most prevalent oral disease in our country,
and all over the world. More then 90% of the population in our country has some form of
parodontal disease. A great number of researchers examined the relationship between
periodontal disease and socio-economic determinants. Hence, the main goal of this work has
reached-to make a review of the most frequently examined socioeconomic determinants that
are associated with the periodontal disease, as well how they affect on its occurrence and
progression. Looking at the data from contemporary world literature, everyone can get the
impression that there are multiple indicators that are related to the socioeconomic status
associated with different periodontal conditions. It is also need to be noted that all these
indicators: monthly income, education level, ethnicity and geographical affiliation (place of
residence) are interconnected and interdependent, and even affect one another, while also
affecting periodontal disease itself. Therefore, when considering the socio-economic status of
a particular individual and its impact on periodontal health, all these indicators need to be
analyzed. A number of studies have determined the difference in the condition of periodontal
health, depending on the socio-economic status of the individuals. That is the reason why, this
paper will present the data related to the different aspects of the socio-economic and social
determinants and their influence on the periodontal disease.

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