Clinical examinations of direct restorations in dental medicine students

Proseva, Ljubica and Atanasova, Sandra and Toneva, Verica and Kocovski, Darko and Arsovski, Ljupka (2017) Clinical examinations of direct restorations in dental medicine students. In: First International Symposium for Traditional Chinese Medicine, 06 Dec 2017, Stip, Macedonia.


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Background: Dental caries known in humans as tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases that can be seen in the pacient’s mouth. It can occur in the crown or the root of the tooth. Of particular importance after his detection is the correct treatment. It consists of a complete removal of dental caries and proper restoration of the tooth. There are two types of dental restoration. Direct tooth restoration involves placing a filling immediately and this procedure can be done in a single visit. Indirect tooth restoration requires more than one office visit, as it must be fabricated in a dental lab.

Material and Methods: Thirty-eight students were included in this study. Intraoral examinations were made in each of them to determinate the number, the localization of the present direct restorations as well as the material from which they were made. The intraoral examination of the students was made by a dentist in a dental office.

Results: As a result, we received a total of 238 restored teeth. In 2.63%, the highest number of restorations that was observed is 17, while in 7.89% of the students it was determined that they had no restorations. The frontal area is represented by 6.3%, while in the lateral region 93.7%. Most of the restorations are with composite filling precisely 92.44%, while amalgam fillings are represented by 7.56%.

Conclusion: Dental caries is quite common in the population, but it is well controlled. Today there are a number of techniques and materials that allow the dentist to preserve the tooth and prevent his extraction.

Key words: caries, teeth, restoration, materials…

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