Assumptions of Linking Innovation And Branding The High-profile Project In Tourism Sector

Boskov, Tatjana and Fejzullai, Lulzim and Fejzullai, Elona and Dimitrov, Nikola (2018) Assumptions of Linking Innovation And Branding The High-profile Project In Tourism Sector. SocioBrains, International scientific refereed online journal with impact factor, 5 (48). pp. 44-50. ISSN 2367-5721

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Tourism is a factor for development. In this way, evidence confirmed that tourism can be a major
player in the transformation of the economy and the promotion of sustainable development. Tourism prospects
are closely tied to general economic prospect. The contact with the modern creation helps in the understanding
and profound knowledge of habits, tendencies, ways of thinking of the indigenous, contributes in the spiritual
uplift and in the conscience that the world is not limited to our only personal area of activity. Also it could be
discussed how to develop tourism plans. It is important to formulate a plan and techniques how to use it, how to
incorporate it, the importance of this plan and the influence of area characteristics on planning.
In this way, the most of the discussion of innovation focuses on new products and technologies, but innovation is
based on challenging existing assumptions and ways of thinking. One option to develop new ways of thinking
and innovation in tourism is to argue that there is no such thing as sustainable tourism. Tourism may contribute
to the sustainable development of some regions under some circumstances, then a number of new approaches to
tourism development emerge. So, stronger links may emerge between tourism and other economic activities and
development options. The existence of additional criteria could be used to evaluate different potential tourism
developments and makes suggestions about the development of sustainability performance indicators.
So primarly, it is essential to highlights the importance of better knowledge management systems to support
innovation in tourism.

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